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“I love WDC because it is a great way for me to get my feet wet in marine conservation – I don’t get to talk about the ocean very much on my channels so this is very special to me. As an Ambassador I hope to use my existing platforms to get that word out, and combine my audience with WDC’s to help teach as many people about marine conservation as possible.” – Maya Higa

Maya Higa has been a passionate and committed supporter of WDC since 2020 when we partnered on her Conservation Cast on Twitch to talk about Southern Resident Orcas. We also joined Maya in Monterey in 2021 for a whale watching tour, and once again in Plymouth MA in 2023 to showcase WDC North America’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Response work. Each stream supported WDC’s conservation work, raising an incredible $8,000 to help us deliver our work across the globe

Maya is one of the top female streamers on Twitch and a rising star on YouTube. Her passions include wildlife conservation and education, and she regularly integrates these into her content, creating some of the most unique content on Twitch. Her mission to raise awareness and educate her community about marine conservation in particular is what elevates our partnership. Maya uses her position as WDC ambassador to help us amplify important campaigns, and recently had a significant  impact on our efforts in Iceland to bring the brutal reality of whaling into the public eye.


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By Sally Ward