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Help the Oceans.

Whales and dolphins deserve to live their lives wild and free. Yet hundreds of thousands are dying each year as a result of threats like hunting, plastic pollution and entanglement in fishing gear. These amazing creatures help to improve the health of the ocean and a healthy ocean helps fight climate breakdown. We need the ocean and the ocean needs whales and dolphins.

Play your favourite games and help raise vital funds and awareness for our work protecting these magnificent creatures.

Make a splash


Get some fin-spiration

Check out these games that support WDC through donations from sales. A huge thank you to Secret Mode, Curve Games, Actrio Studio and Serious Bros for their support!

Snapchat filter


The o-fish-al WDC x I Am Fish SnapChat filter is here!

You can also share your love for our aquatic allies with the I Am Fish SnapCamera AR lens - just like Twitch and YouTube star DanTDM. The lens is compatible with Windows and Mac desktops and works with OBS Studio, Steamlabs OBS and XSplit Broadcaster and is a perfect companion for your stream. Also available on iOS and Android via SnapChat.

Spread the word

Telling everyone about your game stream challenge will be the key to success, make the most of social media to spread the word about your stream!

Eg. I'm/we're supporting WDC to help raise money to keep whales and dolphins safe and free!  Please sponsor me at (JustGiving / Tiltify page link) and help me #gameforgood for @whalesorg.

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Join the WDC Discord Server to connect with fellow ocean lovers and streamers.