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We've collaborated with over 70 studios, publishers and developers on loads of exciting games, downloadable content and sales promotions, and we can't wait to do more. Whether you're a developer, publisher or studio - find out how partnering with us can make an impact on ocean conservation.

Why partner with WDC?

Firstly: You don’t need whales in your game!

With the right message and shared passion, we can help you:


Explore exciting opportunities and a deeper partnership beyond just sales promotions.


Engage with your employees, players and communities and highlight the messages and issues you want to raise within your game, as well as WDC’s


Show to your community that you care about the ocean and the planet, cultivating a positive reputation

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Provide opportunities to develop innovative and engaging new ways to expand your reach and generate sales


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Hear from our Ambassadors

James Schall

WDC Ambassador & Director of Publishing at Secret Mode

Since 2014, James has worked closely with WDC to help develop links with the video games industry. As a lifelong WDC supporter who was inspired to try and find a way to protect orcas from the horrors of captivity after ‘meeting’ Winnie the orca at Windsor Safari Park as a teenager, James has helped WDC raise millions of pounds through his expert  industry advice and introductions to Humble Bundle, Relic Entertainment, SEGA and much more.

These funds have supported some amazing projects including our pioneering work to create the world’s first beluga sanctuary, provide an essential boat for our partner research station, OrcaLab and fund our work to protect the critically endangered Southern Resident orcas. In addition to this, James’ support has also helped us reach millions of people within the gaming community - helping us reach a new audience, get vital support for our campaigns and achieve important victories for whales and dolphins.


“I’m so proud to be a WDC Ambassador. The work they do for the survival and future health of whales and dolphins across the world is incredible and I’m honoured to be part of the team. I’ve supported the charity since childhood and am excited to see how the video games industry can do so much more than pure fundraising. Often awareness, understanding and knowledge about these wonderful intelligent and beautiful creatures is just as important to achieve as coins in buckets!”

Rufus Kubica

WDC Ambassador & Product Management Lead at 11 bit studios' External Development Team.

Supporting WDC since 2017 through a donation of game codes for our first Gamers for Orcas livestreaming event, Rufus has been a key supporter and advisor for WDC’s work within the games industry. Providing valuable support through his role at 11 bit studios and his own personal passion for whales, Rufus has helped WDC raise vital funds through various games promotions via Humble Bundle and Steam, as well as provide expert guidance and advice on WDC’s development and growth within the games industry. His main expertise (and passion) are emotional, meaningful independent/AA+ games.

About 11 bit studios.

We consider games to be a form of storytelling. Our games expand on this by offering ambiguous choices, evoking emotions and tackling topics not previously seen in games, and simply looking for new ways to offer priceless experiences.

“Our mission as a developer and a publisher is to make sure that gaming experiences are truly worthwhile. But the meaningfulness that we strive to achieve at our studio goes beyond just video games. We want to support and work with responsible partners who make this planet a better place.”


“Whales and dolphins have always fascinated me - because they seemed to be the closest thing to fantastic creatures that one was used to hearing about in legends and myths. In these stories, their power was immeasurable and they were invincible - but in the real world, it is they who need our support and protection. I hope that through my activities in the gaming world - I will be able to aid these magnificent living beings at least a little.”

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