Welcome Pod Creator! I'm Harbour the humpback, the leader of the whale warriors. I'm so glad you're here to help me keep my ocean home safe. Below you will find your first voyage, each milestone reached is a step closer to achieving our goal of creating a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free!

Make sure to let the team at Games for Waves know when you've hit a milestone so you can claim your loot. You can contact them at: [email protected]

Harbour full

voyage one: the prologue

Hey Pod Creators, you arrived just in time! Our scouts have spotted some floating plastic out near our pod. We need your help to clear it up before it harms my friends. If we’re not careful, they could swallow it or become entangled! 


Loot: Social Media shout out! 


Loot: Postcard from Games for Waves team


Loot: Digital printable certificate 


Loot: £1k Pin badge


Loot: Tee of your choice


Loot: £2k Pin badge 


Loot: Plushy


Loot: £5k badge and impact deck 


Loot: Award-winning dolphin photography book: On a Rising Tide, by Charlie Phillips


Loot: £10k badge and impact deck.



Loot: a trip to see whales and dolphins in the wild in the UK with WDC. Subject to terms and conditions. 

Remember! When you have reached a milestone, make sure to notify the Games For Waves Team so you can claim your reward! Contact us on [email protected]

*All funds raised as a Pod Creator will be treated as unrestricted funding allowing WDC to spend the funds where it is needed most. The descriptions of the voyages are for illustrative purposes only. 

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