The New Year started with a bang for whales and dolphins thanks to Bristol-based gaming content creators and long-term WDC supporters, The Yogscast.

A whopping £316k was raised for WDC through The Yogscast’s Jingle Jam, the world’s biggest charity gaming event. Throughout the two weeks, viewers could purchase the Jingle Jam 2022 Games Collection – containing over 85 games worth over £1000 – kindly donated by games developers and publishers from all over the world.



In just two weeks, The Yogscast raised over £3.4 million for their 12 chosen charities, WDC being one of them. This massive donation will make a huge impact on our work in Scotland, including help with three vital projects – helping to expand our citizen science programme (Shorewatch), enhance our displays, exhibitions and education opportunities at our Scottish Dolphin Centre, and help with our work tackling chemical pollution.

See more about all three projects – Shorewatch Expansion, Scottish Dolphin Centre educational exhibition upgrade, tackling chemical pollution in Scottish waters.

WDC has been incredibly lucky to be a Jingle Jam featured charity since 2016 raising over £1.6 million for our vital work to protect whales and dolphins across the globe from the many threats they face.

The funds raised over the last six  years have helped our end-captivity work including support for the world’s first Beluga Sanctuary, our project to save the critically endangered Atlantic humpback dolphin from extinction – including enabling us to purchase a much-needed vehicle for our field team in Senegal to undertake their beach surveys and community outreach safely and efficiently. It and has also helped us fund our entire global programmes on some of the issues threatening whales and dolphins’ very survival, including accidental entanglements in fishing gear and whaling.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to The Yogscast, Tiltify, Fourth Floor and all the games developers who contributed to the games collection. And to the incredible Yogscast community for donating, and all those who streamed and fundraised for WDC.


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By Sally Ward