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We are thrilled to announce that games publisher, Secret Mode, has selected WDC as their Charity of the Year to help raise vital funds and awareness to protect whales and dolphins.

Secret Mode, known for publishing indie hits like A Little to the Left and Wobbledogs, and upcoming ocean cleaning adventure Loddlenaut, kicked off the partnership by adopting Holly the orca, and pledging a generous £3,000 donation to our Climate Giant Project, directly supporting research and conservation projects that help to protect and save more whales, so these ocean giants can continue to play their vital role in fighting the climate crisis.

“Games companies have helped to raise over £3.5 million over the last decade, helping us make significant progress on our conservation projects across the globe – and a huge part of this is due to the incredible support of James who have been a long-time supporter and is one of WDC’s Ambassadors.” Says Sally Ward, digital partnerships manager at WDC. From creating the world’s first beluga sanctuary in Iceland, protecting the critically endangered Atlantic humpback dolphin from extinction in Senegal, reducing accidental entanglement in creel fishing gear in Scotland, and so much more, the impact from games partners is far-reaching. It is wonderful to have Secret Mode join us to fight for a healthier ocean and protecting the whales and dolphins who call it home.”

“We at Secret Mode are excited to support WDC’s conservation work.” says James Schall, WDC Ambassador and VP of publishing strategy at Secret Mode. “We feel the health of our oceans and of the largest mammals on earth are so connected to the overall health of our planet, that we were eager to help play our part in continuing to protect these wonderful creatures.”

We’re also excited to be collaborating at UK games developer conference Develop:Brighton in July, along with SpecialEffect, a charity that specialises in helping physically disabled people, specifically children, play video games. Together we will bring together other games industry professionals to raise awareness of both WDC and SpecialEffect by combining the traditional SpecialEffect Sunrise Walk with a Loddlenaut-themed WDC Urban Beach Clean. If you are a games industry professional attending Develop please register your interest for our event here. Spaces are limited!

A huge thank you to Secret Mode for supporting us, and don’t forget to keep an eye out on WDC’s and Secret Mode’s socials over the next few months, as there will be lots more exciting things to come!


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By Sally Ward