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We’re getting our game-faces on for World Ocean Day this year with our third annual World Ocean Day Steam Sale, and inaugural #ForTheOcean streaming festival. 

Over 100 games titles from more than 45 games developers and publishers will be on offer as part of a Steam Sale celebrating World Ocean Day on June 8th 

This will be the third World Ocean Day Steam Sale collaboration between WDC and the games industry, with proceeds from the sale of titles like Another Crab’s Treasure, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Human Fall Flat, The Walking Dead Collection plus many more awesome games. 

For the first time this year we are launching the #ForTheOcean streaming festival, where streamers and content creators from around the globe will team up to raise vital funds and awareness for WDC. We’re thrilled to have more than 100 action-packed streams from our awesome Games For Waves community scheduled over these 2 weeks, including WDC Ambassador RTGame. Streamers will be highlighting the games that will be partaking in our Steam Sale whilst also offering engaging content with the likes of funny incentives, hilarious forfeits and amazing milestone awards! We’ve even seen a fluffy dolphin hat or two. Below is a schedule of most of the streams happening during our #ForTheOcean event this year. 

GFW Schedule

All funds raised from the Steam Sale and Streaming Festival will be going towards our vital work to create safe seas for whales and dolphins. 

The ocean covers almost three quarters of our blue planet and is home to an incredible abundance of life, including most of the 90 or so species of whales, dolphins and porpoises.  

But for all its beauty, the ocean can be a dangerous place for whales and dolphins, and to save them, we need to protect their home.  

Entanglement in fishing gear, or ‘bycatch’ as it’s known, is the biggest threat whales and dolphins face. Many hundreds of thousands die in nets or get tangled up in fishing gear every year. As air-breathing mammals like us, when they get trapped in a net, panic can take over and they can sustain terrible injuries before either escaping, or suffocating. It is a massive problem and so we are working on some innovative solutions.  

What WDC has been doing so far 

WDC have been working across the globe to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises from dying in fishing gear: 

  • We’re collaborating with creel fishers in Scotland to trial new types of fishing gear to reduce entanglements of humpback and minke whales 
  • We’re working with colleagues and partner organisations in the Central Baltic Sea to develop a recovery plan for a critically endangered group of Baltic harbour porpoises 
  • On the west coast of the United States, critically endangered North Atlantic right whales are facing extinction. Entanglement is a massive threat to their survival, and we’ve been working with fishers to trial alternative gear types 
  • In Hong Kong we’ve been supporting local community efforts and working with fishers to save the remaining 200 Indo-Pacific finless porpoises from extinction due to bycatch   

These projects are saving lives, and they are powered by inspiring people working together for the ocean. 


Embarking on new projects


This year’s World Ocean Day event will help us continue these vital conservation projects across the globe, as well as enable us to embark on new efforts to bring further protections for whales and dolphins, like our Sri Lankan gillnet fisheries project: 

Sri Lanka is home to many species of whales, dolphins and porpoises as well as a myriad of other sensitive marine species like sea turtles that are vulnerable to entanglement in gillnets – these are nets that hang in the water like a wall. We hope to collaborate with Sri Lankan artisanal tuna fisheries that use gillnets to trial new gear types and reduce the impact their fishing has on marine life, while still enabling them to earn their living.  

“Games and streaming has truly become a core part of who WDC is.”  says Sally Ward, WDC senior partnerships officer, “It is no secret that games have made a significant impact on our conservation work – last year alone games and streaming raised more than £1 million for WDC’s conservation work, making some incredible and lasting impacts on our work to protect whales and dolphins across the globe. I am so proud of how much Games For Waves has grown over the last year and am excited to see the enormous impact our games industry friends and partner will make on our vital work this year. .” 

“With the amazing success of last year’s Steam sale, raising an incredible £693,000 for WDC, it was an obvious choice to continue supporting them again for this year’s Sale.” Says Kin James Fok, digital strategy manager at Curve Games “WDC is such an important cause to me with ocean conservation being an issue in desperate need of support. I am thrilled to be able to do my bit to help WDC and I know that collaborations like this not only make a really significant and positive impact on conservation, but we also see some of our best sales as a result. It’s a true collaboration and we are proud to be partnered with WDC.” 

“It’s inspiring to see the unified effort of so many streamers and content creators rallying together for this vital cause.” Says Gabby Wheatley, Digital communities officer at WDC. “It highlights the profound impact creators and online communities have to effect positive change worldwide. On behalf of WDC, we thank you for joining our cause, together we're making waves with a powerful global movement that will save our ocean and our planet.” 

A huge thank you to Steam and Curve Games for preparing this sale and to Curve Games, 10:10 Games, 11bit Studios, Actrio Studio, Afterburn Games, Aggrocrab, Akupara Games, Analgesic Productions, Assemble Entertainment, Auroch Digital, Alekon Company, Broken Rules, Chaos Theory Games, Chibig, Devolver Digital, Dragon Scale Studios, Far From Home Games, Fireshine Games, Gentle Troll, Goldfire Studios, Ironhide Games, Lente, Merge Games, META Publishing, Minimol Games, Misadventurous, MONKE, Mooneye Studios, Ogre Pixel, Pixlin, Rokaplay, Secret Mode, Serious Bros, Skybound, Slug Disco Studio, State of Play Games, Stray Fawn Studios, Studio Morgan, Tate Multimedia, Treehouse Games, Total Mayhem Games, Toukana Interactive, Unbound Creations, Vertigo Gaming Inc, Whitehorn Games, Yak & Co and Yogscast Games. 

The #ForTheOcean streaming festival will start on 1st June through to 15th June. Sign up to stream #ForTheOcean now: https://tiltify.com/wdc/fortheocean24  

The World Ocean Day Steam Sale will launch at 6pm BST on Saturday 8th June until 6pm BST Saturday 15th June, with each title donating a percentage of net developer revenue directly to WDC’s conservation projects. Follow our socials @GamesForWaves for the launch! 


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