Stay safe during your challenge

It’s important that all our Gamers for Orcas have a great time and stay safe.

Please take a moment to read our simple tips to stay safe during your (up to) 24-hour challenge:

  • If you are feeling ill, or have been ill in the days leading up to the event, please postpone to another day. Even if friends are joining in, you have already stocked the fridge and people have pledged donations, staying healthy and safe is more important.
  • During the challenge, make sure you take regular comfort breaks, and that you eat and drink – or even take a nap! Start up again only when you are ready.
  • We won’t lie: you might need a coffee or two!  However, be careful relying on caffeinated drinks to get you through. If you start to feel jittery, it’s time to put that can of energy drink down!
  • Move around! Make sure you (and anyone you are gaming with) get up from the chair, have a stretch and get your circulation going. If you are doing forfeits, maybe one could be an eighties work-out video – with sweat band, leg warmers and all?
  • If you feel at dizzy or woozy at all, or are just not feeling quite right, stop! You can always finish your challenge on another day - who knows at this point how long we'll be in lockdown.
  • After the event, if you've gamed for much longer than usual, ensure you catch up on sleep before you do anything involving machinery for example, and avoid driving a car until you are well and truly wide awake again.