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We are so thrilled to announce WDC’s biggest ever donation of over £693,000, raised from the World Oceans Day Steam Sale 2023! 

In June, we hosted our second, annual multi-title video games sale to celebrate World Oceans Day hosted on digital games platform, Steam. Our fantastic games partners joined forces to stand up for the ocean and raise vital funds to protect the whales and dolphins who call it home, bringing together an amazing collection of over 100 awesome games including Stardew Valley, Human: Fall Flat, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, A Little to the Left, The Walking Dead, Mars Horizon and many more. 

“Our first World Oceans Day Steam Sale in 2022 raised an amazing £40,000 for whales and dolphins. This year, we are absolutely blown away by the incredible impact this sale has had” says Sally Ward, Digital partnerships manager. “Humans have wiped out up to 90% of some whale populations but whales and dolphins are our allies in the fight against the climate and nature crises and they deserve to swim free from harm. We’re excited to announce this donation will make an enormously positive impact on several vitally important areas of our global conservation projects around the world. This will include our pioneering research on the roles whales and dolphins play in helping keep the ocean, our biggest carbon sink, healthy, our efforts to stop whale hunting in Greenland, where hundreds of whales are killed every year, and our urgent work to make our seas safer for these amazing creatures by tackling two of their biggest threats - ship strikes and ocean pollution - and building a network of marine protected areas.” 

“Working on the World Oceans Day Steam Sale with WDC has been a really amazing project for us at Curve” says Kin James Fok, Senior digital operations manager at Curve Games. “We know that protecting whales and dolphins and enabling the ocean to thrive is vital in our fight against the climate and biodiversity crises. We are so pleased to help bring the games industry together to not only make a really significant and positive impact on conservation, but also help generate sales for all devs involved. It’s a true collaboration and we are proud to be partnered with WDC and can’t wait for next year!” 

A special thanks to Steam and Curve Games for their amazing efforts preparing and hosting this sale, and to ConcernedApe for their truly unbelievable donation. We’d like to extend our gratitude to all the devs and publishers who chose to support us for the Oceans Day Steam Sale 2023, including 505 Games, Auroch Digital, Awaken Realms, Balancing Monkey Games, Broken Rules, Chibig, Epic Games, Etienne Trudeau, Failbetter Games, Fireblade Software, Giant Squid, High Tea Frog, Kitfox Games, Lente, Minimol Games, Minmol Games, Neat Corporation, Ogre Pixel, Popcannibal, Postmeta Games, PQube, Prismatika, Raw Fury, Secret Mode, Serious Bros, Skybound Entertainment, Snowcastle Games, Tate Multimedia, Team17, Unbound Creations, ustwo Games, VS Evil, Wired Productions, Yak & Co and Yogscast Games.. 

This donation will make a huge difference for our conservation efforts over the next 12 months, and beyond,, but sadly, whales and dolphins around the world are still in urgent need of our continued help from existing, and emerging threats. If you are a developer or publisher and would like to consider joining us as a partner for next year’s World Oceans Day Steam Sale on 8th June 2024, please reach out on [email protected]. 


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By Sally Ward