We’re thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Serious Bros on a week-long deal for their climate crisis simulation game, Imagine Earth. 

From Thursday 27th July until Friday 3rd August, all income from Imagine Earth purchases will be donated to WDC while you also get the award-winning game at a 30% discounted rate, and you can also directly gift it to friends or family. 

Imagine Earth is an economic strategy game and a climate crisis simulator. Build and supply your own sustainable civilizations, develop infrastructure and trade to thrive and prosper. Research sustainable production lines and renewable energy sources to lower emissions and avoid climate catastrophe. 

“Confronting the issues of climate change through games is a great way to understand the balance between nature and human action and Imagine Earth is a perfect example of this.” Says Sally Ward, digital partnerships manager. “Serious Bros, the creative team behind Imagine Earth, have been supporting WDC since 2022 and so far raised over €3,300 towards WDC’s conservation work through their promotions and I am so pleased to be working with them once again to raise vital funds and awareness of the impacts of climate change, especially on whales and dolphins.” 

We’ve been working on the Imagine Earth game project for over ten years already and want to make the climate crisis a solvable challenge for players. We wanted to create a game that entices players to engage with global warming in a playful way through its qualities and mechanics.” Says Jens Isensee, creative director for Serious Bros. “In the coming week, all proceeds will go to the protection of whales, dolphins and ultimately the ocean. In return, we are happy to inspire more people to try our game and build awareness for the climate crisis. Even after such a long development time, there are only a few other computer games that dare to deal with this complex global issue. We hope this collaboration will help these issues to be recognized more widely.”


You can grab this immersive world-building game for 30% off for the next week. Click the button below to purchase now and all net revenue will go completely towards WDC’s conservation work and please spread the word about this opportunity.



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