Jingle Jam 2023

We are so excited to be a part of Jingle Jam 2023, the world’s largest gaming charity event. 

Kicking off at 5:00pm GMT on December 1, Jingle Jam 2023 will feature two wonderful weeks of epic, heart-warming fundraising streams for 12 charities across multiple channels and see the return of the annual Jingle Jam Games Collection - a special collection of over 70 video games offered by a huge range of developers and publishers provided as a reward for a charitable donation.  

The 2023 Jingle Jam Games Collection is the most valuable yet, with more than 70 games worth over £1,100, available to anyone who donates £35 (about $42) or more. And, for the first time ever, a brand-new game will be released as part of the event, with publisher and WDC partner, Secret Mode launching multiplayer racing game Make Way as part of the Games Collection. Steam keys for Make Way bought as part of the Jingle Jam bundle will activate on 4 December. 

This year’s event will support WDC’s vital work across the globe to end hunting and whaling for good and we’re thrilled to have more than 50 streamers pledging to dedicate their streams to support our cause, including WDC Ambassador RTGame, UK streaming group Worst Premade Ever, Yogscast member and Games For Waves Whale Warrior Ravs, some of our Games For Waves Pod Creators and many more. 

“Jingle Jam has raised over £1.9 million for WDC's conservation work over the years and we’re so excited to see the impact this year’s one will make!” says Sally Ward, WDC’s Digital partnerships manager. “Past projects that Jingle Jam has helped us with include creating the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary, saving the Atlantic humpback dolphin from extinction, expanding our education work at our Scottish Dolphin Centre and much more.”  

All funds raised for WDC through Jingle Jam this year will help us fund our urgent projects to stop whaling once and for all, including: 

  • Expanding our team, and strengthening our local presence in nations like Norway, Japan, Iceland and The Faroes, to bring a permanent end to whaling. 
  • Funding our new role - Head of Hunting and Captivity - which is crucial to coordinating and accelerating our efforts across the different hunting nations.  
  • Ensuring key WDC staff attend International Whaling Commission meetings to help achieve global policy changes, continue fighting to keep the ban on commercial whaling in place, while also working to end the loopholes that allow whales and dolphins to still be killed.  
  • Funding tests to be carried out on hunted whale and dolphin meat to show its toxicity levels and enable important health-based facts to be shared across hunting nations and persuade consumers to stop buying and eating it. 

Head over to the Jingle Jam website now to check out the streams and donate: https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/  

And if you’re a streamer or content creator you can join the festivities yourself and support our work. Register here and select Whale and Dolphin Conservation. 


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By Sally Ward