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Join our Discord to sign up and take part in Jingle Jam 2023 to raise vital funds to help us put an end to whaling for good.


1st - 14th December 2023

Jingle Jam is the world's biggest gaming charity event, which has raised over £25 million for charity through its yearly December fundraiser livestreams.

Jingle Jam has raised over £1.9 million for WDC's conservation work over the years - supporting our work to protect whales and dolphins from the many threats they face.

Funds raised from Jingle Jam 2023 will support our work across the globe to end hunting and whaling for good so whales and dolphins can live wild and free.

By streaming for WDC, you'll get exclusive access to the Jingle Jam Games Collection to give away to your audience and communities: around £1,000 worth of game keys for every £35 donation

next steps

  1. For now: Sign up via by joinin our Discord server

  2. From early November: You'll be able to start building your WDC x Jingle Jam fundraising page through Tiltify and planning your stream (we'll let you know when the registration page goes live),
  3. From 1st - 14th December: Jingle Jam begins! 🥳 Publish your fundraising page, stream and raise vital funds for whales and dolphins.

  4. Until then: Join our Discord Pod, share this page with your friends and communities to get them involved
  5. Fundraising rewards (coming soon)keep an eye out on our socials where we'll be revealing some cool merch and rewards exclusively for our Jingle Jam streamers!

how your support will help whales and dolphins:

With your generous support we will be able to accelerate our global efforts to end the hunting of whales and dolphins in countries like Iceland, Norway, Japan and The Faroes.

Whales and dolphins deserve to live their lives wild and free from the threat of harpoons. These amazing creatures help to improve the health of the ocean and a healthy ocean helps fight climate breakdown. We need the ocean and the ocean needs whales and dolphins.

By joining us for Jingle Jam 2023 you'll be helping us fund the following projects to stop whaling and hunting once and for all:

  • We'll be able to expand our team, and strengthen our local presence in hunting nations to bring a permanent end to whaling.
  • It will fund our new role - Head of Hunting and Captivity - which is crucial to coordinating and accelerating our efforts across the different hunting nations. 
  • It will ensure key WDC staff attend International Whaling Commission meetings to help achieve global policy changes, continue fighting to keep the ban on commercial whaling in place, while also working to end the loopholes that allow whales and dolphins to still be killed. 
  • Finally, your donations will help fund tests to be carried out on hunted whale and dolphin meat to show its toxicity levels and enable important health-based facts to be shared across hunting nations and persuade consumers to stop buying and eating it.

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Check out the Stream For Us page for inspo on games to play during your stream!

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