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Back in September for National Videogames Day, we launched our new membership and incentives programme called Pod Creators. This new programme brings amazing perks and rewards for creators and streamers who stick with, and fundraise for, WDC through Games for Waves!

We are so excited to announce our first Pod Creators who have joined us here at Games for Waves to help make a splash for whale, dolphin and ocean conservation with games. So, without further ado, please join us in welcoming:

“It is an exciting time for us in WDC’s Games for Waves team as we continue to work with our amazing friends in the games industry.” says Gabby Wheatley, Digital communities officer at WDC. “We are still in our first official year of Games For Waves and the support from the streaming community has been incredible, having already raised over £9000 since we launched back in February. Now with our incredible Pod Creators we can’t wait to see what impact our community will make. Together, we will create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.”

If you’d like to find out more or become a Pod Creator yourself, head to our Pod Creator page.

Be sure to follow us on our socials to keep up-to-date with the exciting work we’re doing!


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