Games for Waves week 2023

Join us for World Oceans Day on 8th June – the biggest day of the year to celebrate the ocean and the whales and dolphins that call it home.

Event details

When: Stream your favourite games (or anything you like) between 8th June – 15th June 2023 and raise vital funds for WDC and help us protect whales and dolphins.

Why: Your support will help us protect these magnificent creatures from the many threats they face like pollution, hunting and whaling, accidental entanglement in fishing gear and captivity. Whales and dolphins deserve to live their lives safe and free but they are also vital to keeping the ocean, and the planet, healthy and helping us fight the climate crisis. We need them and they need you!

How: Join our Games for Waves Tiltify campaign now and set up your stream to fundraise for WDC any time between 8th and 15th June.


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