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We are so pleased to announce that our recent games promotion with Humble Bundle has raised an amazing $8,000 for WDC.

The global pandemic and lockdown has brought its share of challenges to everyone across the globe, but research has shown that people are reporting several unexpected positives such as cleaner air, wildlife reappearing in our towns and waterways and a stronger sense of community – changes that they were keen to see continue. The Better Futures bundle brought together 8 games developers including long-time WDC supporters SEGA, Perfect World Entertainment and 11 bit studios, with the aim of helping charities working across these areas during a difficult year.

Between 15th September and 29th September a staggering 25,096 bundles were sold, raising much needed funds for WDC, World Land Trust and Action Against Hunger.

WDC will be using the funds raised from this bundle towards our goal to end captivity – helping our work to secure a better future for the 3,500+ whales and dolphins currently held in tanks across the globe. We’ve all experienced some sort of ‘Lockdown’ or restriction of freedom this year, but for captive whales and dolphins, their lockdown is forever. With this money we will be able to continue our vital efforts to persuade governments and facilities to ban captivity, and create sanctuaries for ex-captive whales and dolphins like the world’s first beluga sanctuary that we and our partners have helped create.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic friends at online retailer Humble Bundle and SEGA as well as 11bit studios, Perfect World Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Paralune LLC, Yak & Co, Tripwire Entertainment and Imperium42 and to all 25,000 people who purchased the bundle – directly supporting our work protecting whales and dolphins.


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