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WDC has been working alongside Valve – who operate the largest digital online video games platform, Steam – since 2018. Through various special sales Steam has helped facilitate several of our gaming partners to raise nearly $250,000 for our conservation work over the last 4 years. We have worked with all types of games, big and small – here are a few of our biggest successes:

Subnautica Weekend Deal 2018

To mark World Oceans Day on June 8th, 2018, publisher Unknown Worlds Entertainment ran a special Steam weekend sale for the hit game Subnautica, with 15% of the net developer profits going directly to our work all over the world fighting the threats whales and dolphins face each day and helping to keep these amazing creatures safe and free. The sale raised an amazing $86k for the charity, with the generous team at Unknown Worlds also adding an extra $14k donation taking the tally up to a whopping $100k.

Head of Strategic Partnerships at PWE, Whitney Iturribarria, said:

Both Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment were incredibly happy to raise $100k from the Subnautica World Oceans Day sale to help WDC continue their vital work keeping our oceans healthy for the amazing wildlife that call them home. We were so delighted to see so many people rally behind such an important cause and look forward to working with WDC again in the future.

RAFT Weekend Deal 2021

In October 2021, we partnered with Axolot Games and Redbeet Interactive who created the incredibly popular ocean survival game RAFT for a weekend deal sale. 15% of net developer profits were donated to WDC and raised an incredible $100,000 for our conservation work.

Raft Charity sell promotional poster

“We are super happy and proud to be able to support the important cause of WDC!”

Says André Bengtsson, CEO of Redbeet Interactive

“A huge thanks to all our players for the positive feedback around the sale, and a huge thanks to the helpful people at WDC for this great cooperation! “

“We are happy to support WDC that is helping whales and dolphins to thrive in a safe environment away from harm.”

Adds Kacper Antonius, CEO of Axolot Games.

Curve Games World Oceans Day Sale 2022

Curve Games curated our biggest ever Steam Sale to celebrate World Oceans Day in June 2022. With Curve’s support over 40 games titles from over 20 games studios joined forces to pledge various donation percentages and together raised an incredible $47,000 for our conservation work and campaigns all over the world. Promoted across social media, WDC’s e-newsletter of around 100k subscribers, and was also picked up by The Yogscast’s socials and the UKIE e-newsletter, helping it reach as wide an audience as possible. WDC’s socials alone gained over 1 million impressions and reached over 200k people with over 23k link-clicks to the sale page. The sale raised an incredible $47,000 for our conservation work!

“It’s amazing to see so many games companies coming together to support WDC for Oceans Day.”

Says John Clark, CEO of Curve Games

“What is more amazing however, is how WDC work tirelessly to protect the ocean and create safer environments for whale and dolphin populations. Creating healthy oceans, protecting whales and dolphins is so important to us all and Curve are delighted to be involved in such an important initiative.”


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By Sally Ward

I’m an experienced and passionate fundraiser creating meaningful charity partnerships with companies to help enhance their brand image.