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Axolot Games and Redbeet Interactive raise $100,000 for WDC

Axolot Games and Redbeet Interactive partnered with WDC in October 2021 on a Steam weekend deal featuring their hit game RAFT and raised an incredible $100,000 for WDC’s conservation work in just four days.


The partnership

RAFT is a popular ocean survival game which throws players into an epic oceanic adventure where they must build and fortify their raft using floating rubbish collected from the ocean.

The Steam Weekend Deal gave a 33% discount to the players and 15% of the net developer profits went directly to WDC’s conservation work. The sale was promoted across WDC and RAFT game social channels and the WDC e-newsletter which has around 100k subscribers. The sale smashed its target in terms of copies sold, meaning the maximum $100k donation was allocated to WDC..


The impact

The funds raised from the sale supported WDC’s ongoing work across the globe including developing our important work on the issue of disturbance -protecting whales and dolphins from harassment from activity such as jet-skiing and pleasure boating. And also challenging the planned capture and barbaric hearing experiments of minke whales off the coast of Norway.  We thwarted them last year, and aim to do so again this year.

“One of our goals is to create safe seas for whales and dolphins” says Sally Ward, WDC Senior Partnerships Officer, “And with partners like Axolot and Redbeet, and through games like RAFT that really resonate with our supporters, we are able to continue our vital work protecting whales and dolphins from the major threats they face each day. These ocean giants are vital in maintaining a healthy ocean, and a healthy ocean helps reduce the effects of climate change.”


What our partners said

“We are super happy and proud to be able to support the important cause of WDC!”

Says André Bengtsson, CEO of Redbeet Interactive

“A huge thanks to all our players for the positive feedback around the sale, and a huge thanks to the helpful people at WDC for this great cooperation! “

“We are happy to support WDC that is helping whales and dolphins to thrive in a safe environment away from harm.”

Adds Kacper Antonius, CEO of Axolot Games.



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By Sally Ward

I’m an experienced and passionate fundraiser creating meaningful charity partnerships with companies to help enhance their brand image.