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Curve Games' hilarous physics-based adventure game, I Am Fish, is one of the many titles included in the World Oceans Day Steam Sale.

Charity partnership

WDC is delighted to have been an official charity partner of Curve Games since 2020. Over the last 2 years we have collaborated on some amazing projects, with our partnership having a hugely positive impact on our global conservation work.

I Am Fish

The hit game I Am Fish is supporting our efforts with a 12.5p (GPB) donation to WDC per sale on Steam and has already raised over £6,000 for WDC since its launch in 2021! On launch, I Am Fish reached the top 8th game trending on Twitch and was picked up by many popular streamers including Lirik, Dr Lupo, Sodapoppin and DantTDM.

Humble Bundle

Curve also recently supported WDC with a Humble Bundle, which helped raise urgently needed funds to install a new camera at our partner research station OrcaLab to monitor wild orca behaviours (including those in WDC’s orca adoption programme) along a pebble ‘rubbing’ beach where the orcas are known to rub their bodies along the bottom – a behaviour we are still trying to understand.

The camera was successfully installed in June 2021 and over that summer it captured  some fascinating orca behaviour. Our colleagues at OrcaLab hope that the footage gathered by this camera will help to build a case to extend the nearby ecological reserve and provide further protection for the orcas.

Steam Sale

In 2022, Curve Games curated our biggest ever Steam Sale to celebrate World Oceans Day. With Curve’s support over 40 games titles from over 20 games studios joined together to raise an incredible £40,000 for our conservation work and campaigns all over the world.


John Clark, CEO of Curve Games

“It’s amazing to see so many games companies coming together to support WDC for Oceans Day.”

Says John Clark, CEO of Curve Games

“What is more amazing however, is how WDC work tirelessly to protect the ocean and create safer environments for whale and dolphin populations. Creating healthy oceans, protecting whales and dolphins is so important to us all and Curve are delighted to be involved in such an important initiative.”


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By Sally Ward

I’m an experienced and passionate fundraiser creating meaningful charity partnerships with companies to help enhance their brand image.