Orcas were seen swimming freely in Vancouver during the city's lockdown earlier this year. Photo by Cetacea Lab

WDC is delighted to announce that we’ll be joining forces with charities Action Against Hunger (AAH) and World Land Trust (WLT) with Humble Bundle’s Better Futures game bundle.

The global pandemic and lockdown has brought together individuals, families and communities.  Alongside the challenges, people have experienced an upside too, with cleaner air, wildlife reappearing in our towns and waterways and a stronger sense of community.  The experience of lockdown has led many of us to make worthwhile changes in our lives.

By raising funds from this bundle you will help our charities build a better future: a future where every whale and dolphin is safe and free, where critical habitats are protected and where the world’s communities are free from hunger.

Featuring games such as This War of Mine, Throne of Lies, Road Redemption and Mythic Ocean plus many more, this bundle will help ensure that, in a challenging year for many charities, important work can be continue in those areas where people want to see most radical changes – wildlife protection, the environment and local communities.

WDC’s Partnerships Officer, Sally Ward said:

“After the year we’ve all had, we are so pleased to be joining hands with Humble and our fellow charities to make a positive change for whales and dolphins, for the planet and our communities too. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our fantastic friends in the games industry, old and new.  This bundle will go a long way to helping us overcome the financial and logistical challenges we have faced this year so we can get back to what we do best – fighting to ensure whales and dolphins are safe from the many threats they face.”

James Schall, WDC Ambassador and VP of Digital Distribution at SEGA added:

“As soon as we heard of the Better Futures bundle, we wanted to help.  Here at SEGA we love what WDC do and were eager to get on board with this exciting bundle of games!”

“2020 has been an unusual year, but we at WLT look at initiatives like Humble Bundle’s Better Futures and find cause for hope,”

says Dr Jonathan Barnard, CEO of WLT.

“By supporting the new bundle this month, video game enthusiasts from all over the world will be linking arms with our supporters and conservation partners – a global movement of people championing protected land at the time when our planet needs it most. Your help means more than it ever has in a year like this, and will be critical for the work we’re currently undertaking: supporting our Cameroonian partner ERuDeF as they protect the forest home of threatened great apes.”

“In this very difficult year, people need help more than ever, and nonprofits are struggling to keep up. We are thrilled, but not surprised, that Humble Bundle is once again stepping up to support our work to fight hunger,”

says Eric Bebernitz, Director of External Relations for Action Against Hunger.

“Humble Bundle and the gaming community have shown us their generous spirits time and time again. Through their support and bundles like this one, we will be able to provide lifesaving treatment to hundreds more malnourished children around the world.”

Humble Bundle is an online platform that sells bundles of books, games and software for a fraction of the retail price and all purchases help support good causes. With their community of over 12 million customers worldwide, Humble Bundle have been incredible supporters of WDC and our work since 2014, raising a staggering £2.3 million for us so far. Through Humble Bundle’s flexible pricing policy you can choose the price you want to pay, and how your money is divided between the creators of the titles, Humble Bundle and their chosen charities. In other words, you can choose how much of your cash goes to supporting our vital work protecting whales and dolphins.

With special thanks to Humble Bundle and SEGA as well as 11bit studios, Perfect World Entertainment, Paradox Interactive, Imperium 42, Paralune LLC, Yak & Co, EQ Games and Tripwire Interactive for supporting this bundle.

The Bundle starts on 15th September and ends 28th September. Let’s not lose this opportunity to make a positive change. Let’s use this as an opportunity to build a ‘Better Future’ for people, wildlife and for the planet. Help build a better future by purchasing the bundle today.


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By Sally Ward

I’m an experienced and passionate fundraiser creating meaningful charity partnerships with companies to help enhance their brand image.