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This National Video Games Day we are levelling up Games For Waves with a new Ambassador programme, membership and rewards system as well as introducing our awesome mascot.

It’s already been 8 months since we officially launched Games for Waves - Whale and Dolphin Conservation's dedicated platform for gamers, content creators and developers to make a big splash in ocean conservation and the protection of whales and dolphins through games and streaming.

We've been blown away by the support we've received already and, so far, our wonderful community of streamers, gamers and developers have already raised an incredible £700,000! This amazing amount of funding has gone towards our global conservation projects such as our pioneering ocean climate research, our efforts to stop hunting in Greenland and our work to create safe seas by addressing pollution, vessel strikes and marine protected areas.

And now, it’s time we announce the next level of Games For Waves:

Harbour the Humpback and the Whale Warriors

Introducing Harbour the Humpback, leader of the Whale Warriors!

Harbour (or Harby for short) is our official Games for Waves mascot; he’s a whale warrior who protects sea life. You can expect to see him pop up in our branding from time to time and in our Discord in emoji version!


Harbour full

Accompanying Harby, are the Whale Warriors. The Whale Warriors is our new ambassador programme – they are a group of creators who go above and beyond to fight for the protection of whales, dolphins and their ocean homes. This title will be given to creators who have made a significant contribution to WDC, whether that be a substantial amount of money raised or a stand-out attitude and effort to help us promote Games For Waves, WDC’s conservation work and advocating for the protection of whales and dolphins.

We are pleased to announce our first Whale Warriors:

Meloncolliee, Sean Bean and Ravs have joined Harby’s ranks to help fight for the protection of whales and dolphins. They have each in their own way shown exceptional support through fundraising and awareness raising for WDC and Games For Waves. Keep an eye out for more updates as we introduce more Ambassadors through the next year!

Pod Creator V2 - 1080x1080

Pod Creators

Pod Creators is our new membership and incentives system – bringing you amazing perks and rewards for sticking with, and fundraising for, WDC through Games For Waves. Pod Creators represent WDC and Games for Waves year-round, helping us to raise vital funds and awareness for our work protecting the magnificent creatures that are whales and dolphins. They will be an integral part of our Pod community and will receive exclusive rewards for reaching fundraising milestones like new Games for Waves merchandise and even trips to see whales and dolphins in the wild!


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