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We are pleased to announce a collaboration with media production company, Cyan Planet to produce a fin-tastic new Virtual Reality (VR) experience called How is the Water.

How is the Water is a virtual reality adventure game where you become the dolphin. A story of the ocean, told intimately through a dolphin’s eyes, which takes players across a changing ocean and bringing them face-to-face with ocean creatures in danger of being wiped out by threats like plastic pollution, accidental entanglement in nets and many more.

Currently in early stages of development, we have teamed with Cyan Planet to help turn this amazing idea into a reality. Cyan Planet specialises in marine-oriented immersive media applications and tools for education, marine conservation, and science communication. Using the power of virtual reality and immersive media, their aim is to inspire people and create a global community that acts for marine conservation.

To help move this exciting idea into development, Cyan Planet will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in early 2021, with a final product planned for release later in the year – sales of which will be directly supporting WDC’s conservation work.

Ninja Mueller, Co-Founder of Cyan Planet said: “Our passion lies in helping protect the wellbeing of marine wildlife and enabling people to reconnect with the ocean. This is the inspiration for our VR project ‘How is the Water’.”

Michal Lovecky, Co-Founder and CEO of Cyan Planet pointed out: “Our partnership with WDC will help us ensure that it impacts not just the players but also the ocean by linking it to real-world whale and dolphin conservation projects. We’re excited and proud to be working with WDC, and we can’t wait to see what we can build together!”

WDC Partnerships Officer, Sally Ward added: “It is easy to understand why swimming with whales or dolphins is on many people’s bucket lists, but the reality is that it can be a stressful and potentially harmful experience for them. The fantastic VR experience that Cyan Planet are creating, will allow people who have dreamed about seeing these amazing creatures up close to experience the wonder of the marine world safely and respectfully, in a way that does not disturb whales and dolphins and, importantly,  puts their welfare first. We are delighted to be collaborating with Cyan Planet for this special project and hope that people will come away from the experience of ‘How Is The Water’ sharing our desire to protect all whales and dolphins, and their ocean home.”

We’re thrilled to be partnering on such an exciting project and we’d like to say a huge thank you to Cyan Planet for supporting our work. Keep an eye out for news on this project on our socials and if you just can’t wait to experience life as a dolphin, why not start by helping WDC protect dolphins by taking out a WDC Dolphin Adoption?


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By Sally Ward

I’m an experienced and passionate fundraiser creating meaningful charity partnerships with companies to help enhance their brand image.